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We want to encourage students to think deeply about the nonfiction texts they read. We also want to have creative, fun ways for students to demonstrate their understanding and celebrate the completion of a nonfiction text. This nonfiction book report sandwich fills the plate!
The 3rd graders did an excellent job getting creative with their first book report! The theme was a book report sandwich.
The teacher commissioned a friend to draw slices of ham, tomato, and Swiss cheese; lettuce leaves; a layer of mayonnaise, and a couple of slices of bread. Then she photocopied the drawings onto appropriately colored sheets of paper -- ham on pink, tomato on red, Swiss cheese on yellow, etc. The sheets served as the ingredients for her students' book report sandwiches. Book Report SandwichI’ve used Book Report Sandwich for fiction reports but I’m glad you tweaked it for nonfiction. Thanks.BOOK REPORT SANDWICH! - TIME For Kids
The next step of book report sandwich creation is to cut every colored paper piece into the suitable sandwich piece that it is going to represent. For instance, you may cut the yellow piece of paper into a square to represent cheese.In a recent posting to the , one teacher shared an idea that incorporates some of the basic ingredients of a good book report and sandwiches in a lot more fun!There have always been tips and tricks to writing book reports – little ways to remember what to include and where. The most iconic of these symbols has to be the book report sandwich. This ‘sandwich’ outlines a perfect book report with a clever metaphor of composing a delicious sandwich. Writing a book report in ‘sandwich style’ makes the entire process of book report writing extremely simplistic. Want to know why? The next time you write a book report, follow the simple method below!