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Target publications and sites that review your genre. Sending out books for review without adequate research beforehandis likely to result in your book being tossed in the wastepaperbasket without being read. "Search for web sites with similarsubject matter to your book," says Peggy Tibbetts. "Then checkto see if they do book reviews." Tracee Lydia Garnersuggests looking at other books in your genre and their Web sites to see whether they have posted reviews. "Get those names andcontact information, then send a note or letter and complimentthem on their positive, intriguing reviews, asking if they'd bewilling to review your upcoming release." Garner also suggeststalking to other authors to find out how they got their reviews.
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"Do your research online. There are plenty of review sitesonline for almost every genre. Many magazines and newspapers arelooking for books to review. If you have a media contact list,send out letters or press releases to them offering reviewcopies. You'll be surprised how many will take you up on theoffer. Make sure you keep records of everyone who respondspositively and contact them again when your next book comes out."- Josh Aterovis Disney Minnie's Rainbow | Kids Books ReviewMickey's Roundup | Kids Books ReviewKids Books Review | MY
One way to generate publicity for your book is to get itreviewed. But how exactly does one go about it? The obviousanswer seems to be to simply mail out copies of your book, butchances are good that your potential reviewers are already beinginundated with books and review requests. I recently surveyedwriters to find out what their review experiences were like, andto find out what advice they could share.