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Since I’m a self-publisher, and I own the content, I can get creative with how I distribute the book. I don’t have to follow the rules that big publishers enforce on their writers. After getting many emails from people saying that they wanted an electonic version of my books to read online, I took my three Crystal Reports books and converted them into a WordPress blog (using a cool C# program I wrote). I created a membership-only area of the website where subscribers can read all my books in one place. This lets members make comments/suggestions about each chapter and I can improve upon it. In 2009 I will be publishing my book on Crystal Reports 2008 (the stand-alone version) and each chapter will go into the blog as I write it. Members can read the chapters months before the book gets published. Just a couple months ago I added a members-only forum. This lets members talk amongst themselves and post questions and answers. Since you only have access to this forum if you are a member, you know that the people creating posts are serious about their reports (and it keeps out the spam). You can find out more about reading my books online by clicking this link:
Hi, Can anyone suggest me some good Crystal Reports books, which has step by step and real world examples. Thanks!
In some Crystal Reports books, we have read about how you can write a Crystal Report viewer in a language such as Visual Basic. Inside your program you can trap such events as the formatting of a section, and you could then change the OLE objects in your report to load a different image. 1-24 of 1,528 results for the Crystal Reports books available have focused their attention on the end user and treated programmers as they were an after-thought.1 - 20 of 89 results for crystal reports.