Creating a Digital Book Report Using Photo Story 3

A digital book report for the book
At the end of the work, ask students to include a visual or auditory recommendation or rating of the book. Would they give the novel four out of five stars, or a "thumbs up"? Have the students rate the book, and recommend it to friends. Students can also use the last slide to include other titles that are similiar to the book reviewed on their Photo Story digital book report. Each of thse steps are what many book reviews on websites include, and you can tie this application to real world uses of book reviews. Photo Story is a great way to bring technology into your classroom, and will update book reports into the digital age!
Weedflower Digital Book Report by on Prezi
This is an example of the digital book report I want my 7th grade students to complete no later than February 26, 2010. They will use iMovie to create their DBR. Course: EdTech - Digital Book ReportsDigital Book Report Dress Sewing Pattern | Shop | Oliver + S| Shop | Oliver + S">| Shop | Oliver + S">| Shop | Oliver + S">New Digital Book World Report on Kids and E-Reading
This article uses the book Diary Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock as an example of how students can use the Microsoft Software, Photo Story 3, to create digital book reports.Also a multimedia presentation, the digital book report is meant to teach an audience about a book. Include photos, videos, and music to show characters, plotlines, settings, author information, and other major elements of the book you read.After I selected images, I put them into the software in the sequence of events outlined in the novel. When it came time to narrate each picture, I made notes in the section about what I would talk about for each image. When students begin narration of the pictures, I tell them to follow the plot pyramid steps, and try to explain the exposition, conflict, and rising action. The do not want to include the falling action or resolution, but want to leave the ending questionable to persuade others to read the book. Narration should be short and sweet, and the total time of the Photo Story digital book report should not exceed three or four minutes. Just like a movie trailer, the student's Photo Story book report should not give away the ending. Essentially, this project is not only a digital book report, but a movie trailer for the novel! Many book sellers are using "book trailers" on their websites to spark interest in a book, so you could also show those video as examples, as well.