Creating a Digital Book Report Using Photo Story 3

Course: EdTech - Digital Book Reports
Selecting music is the last step of the Photo Story digital book report project, and the music should relate to the theme or genre of the book. For example, since the novel, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock is set in the midwest and on a dairy farm, I chose country music for the Photo Story project. Encourage students to be creative in their music choices, but to not let the tune over-power the narration and images. Here is an example of a completed .
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Also a multimedia presentation, the digital book report is meant to teach an audience about a book. Include photos, videos, and music to show characters, plotlines, settings, author information, and other major elements of the book you read. Digital Book Reports - Mrs. Diaz's Teaching ResourcesDigital Book Reports - Symbaloo embedded webmixthe unquiet library digital book report rubric final draft august 2011
This article uses the book Diary Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock as an example of how students can use the Microsoft Software, Photo Story 3, to create digital book reports.Whatever format or app they use, the teens create digital book report projects that lead to some great questions. Is there an iPad App that could do this better? What about using a Chromebook extension? Do we need external microphones or cameras? Can we embed the final project? Does what we create fit into Edmodo, Schoology, Google Classroom, or other learning management systems?At the end of the work, ask students to include a visual or auditory recommendation or rating of the book. Would they give the novel four out of five stars, or a "thumbs up"? Have the students rate the book, and recommend it to friends. Students can also use the last slide to include other titles that are similiar to the book reviewed on their Photo Story digital book report. Each of thse steps are what many book reviews on websites include, and you can tie this application to real world uses of book reviews. Photo Story is a great way to bring technology into your classroom, and will update book reports into the digital age!