LBR as abbreviation means "Lambda Book Report"

Schwartz, Patricia Roth. Profound Pitt Poets. Lambda Book Report, September 2000. 9(2), 21.
Best of the Best Gay Erotica by Richard Labonte. $9.99. Publisher: Cleis Press; 1st edition (June 25, 2000). 299 pages. Presenting the best of five years of the steamiest, most provocative gay sex writing...The hottest stories from the best-selling gay erotica series in America!"Literally orgasmic." —HX Magazine"A must read." —In Touch"Full of surprises." —Bay Area Reporter"Consistently outstanding." —Lambda Book Report"An eclectic,...
“The culmination of two decades of superb scholarship, a landmark work.”—Lambda Book Report
Coverage of 1993's OutWrite Conference of LGBT writers and publishers -- and fans -- in Boston. Featuring authors Pat Califia, Dell Richards, John Preston (also editor of the Flesh and The Word compilations), Michael Bronski (also coordinator of the conference), Harold McNeil Robinson and Karen Job Wills, Alison Bechdel (Dykes To Watch Out For), Diane DeMassa (Hothead Paisan); plus Jim Marks of the Lambda Book Report, Jeff Yarbrough from The Advocate, and Minphay Chiou of the Asian American Writers Workshops. Lambda Book Report can be abbreviated as LBRThe abbreviation for Lambda Book Report is LBRSearch for "LBR - Lambda Book Report" in
Lev Raphael is the author of twenty-five books in nearly a dozen different genres. Raphael is best known as a pioneer in writing fiction and creative non-fiction about the children of Holocaust survivors, which he's been publishing since 1978, before almost any other American author. His books have been translated into fifteen languages and he's done hundreds of invited talks and readings on three continents. His work has appeared in dozens of anthologies in the U.S. and England. He's a guest assistant professor of English at Michigan State University whose Special Archives purchased his current and future literary papers.

has earned raves from the NYTBR and many other newspapers and magazines and he has been the keynoter at international conferences. Raphael has written hundreds of reviews and essays for The Detroit Free Press, Jerusalem Report, Forward, The Washington Post, The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Boston Review and Lambda Book Report. A former radio talk show host, he currently reviews for WKAR 90.5 FM in East Lansing, MI. Raphael's web site is . Follow him on Twitter @LevRaphael.MAPPLETHORPE: "Fritscher's 'pop memoir'...takes the inside the style of gonzo journalism....He knows the scene he's writing about. Unapologetically...iconoclastic..."
-- Rondo Mieczkowsiki, Lambda Book ReportSOME DANCE: "As a document of our times and lives, Some Dance to Remember has no peer." -- Jack Garman, Lambda Book ReportI'll give you one example with Lambda. Our Lambda Book Report ended as a print journal in 2009, and we had a circulation, I think, of about 3,000 subscribers. But since it’s been online, the review gets upwards of 50,000 readers a month. There's a lot to be said for that. Since 1970 Bronski has written extensively on culture, politics, film, theater, books, sexuality, LGBT culture, and current events in publications such as The Village Voice, Cineaste, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Utne Reader, Boston Phoenix, The Advocate, Boston Gay Review, Lambda Book Report, Z, The Nation, and Radical America.In honor of the GOP’s vice presidential nominee, who has attempted to ban books and pray away the gays, please join us as we drink dirty martinis, talk books, and pass the hat for the Lambda Literary Foundation.

We’ll donate all funds raised to the Lambda Literary Foundation to help them 1) host the Lambda Literary Awards, 2) run the only LGBT Retreat for Emerging Writers, and 3) publish The Lambda Book Report.