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While the Z51’s visuals left us wanting, the audio thoroughly impressed. Equipped with JBL speakers the Z51 is quite boisterous, with sound levels that can easily fill a modest sized room. The Z51 matches that impressive amplification with crisp audio quality. The editors at NotebookReview were impressed by the Z51’s ability to accurately depict an orchestral track without any noticeable distortion.
and Compaq Presario V4000 Revealed (pics, specs) | NotebookReview
The Sony VAIO Pro 11 features an 11.6-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS touch-enabled display. The screen is equipped with Triluminous technology, which according to Sonny helps the display provide more natural colors. Sony VAIO Pro 11 offers crisp clear image with 165 nits brightness and sharp color contrast. Notebook Review noticed that the display does a fantastic job detailing bright hues while admiring the vibrant skyline in a gameplay stream of However, the display struggled with darker colors, especially deep blues and purples which were easily muddied when adjacent or placed near a black backdrop. Additionally, display’s ten-point touch controls worked completely as desired, responding quickly to various inputs and gestures with no noticeable lag. Sony VAIO VGN-FE590 Review by NotebookReview - Tech JourneyFavour from someone with a XPS M1730 | NotebookReviewIBM ThinkPad X31 Review (pics, specs) | NotebookReview
The Sager NP8850 is a high-end gaming notebook. What it may lack in looks it makes up for in performance, its beautiful screen, and outstanding cooling system, among other things. Certainly, consumers must take into consideration its high price tag but, in the end, the NP8850 delivers as a worthy laptop for gamers. Read NotebookReview’s entire here.While the Sony VAIO Pro 11 is sans dongle the unit Notebook Review tested was equipped with onboard NFC connectivity. NFC allows users to transfer data directly from their smartphone to the laptop. The added connectivity does not come cheap however, as the feature adds $150 from to the base model price of $1,050.NotebookReview reviews Fujitsu LifeBook Q2010 and concludes that if you’re looking for a small laptop for your business traveling, don’t hesitate and spend the money! If you can afford this, I’m sure you won’t regret it. It has all the security you can want and the portability is truly unbeatable. If you’re working at work and at home, just leave the docking station at work, which makes the desktop complete.NotebookReview is a website, as the name may imply, dedicated to laptops. Although there are many aspects to NotebookReview, such as laptop reviews, I have one of the most useful features of NotebookReview to be their What Notebook Should I Buy? forum. (Although this article was written to discuss the What Notebook Should I Buy? forum, it should be noted NotebookReview has some of the best, most professional and thorough laptop reviews I have ever come across. Their software reviews are nothing special, though.) In this forum, users – from all around the world – are allowed and encouraged to make threads asking for advice in regards to what laptop to get:Buying a laptop can be a tough decision: You have a limited budget, you have specific needs, and there are literally dozens of laptops to pick from. You could, of course, go ask your local techie at your local computer store for help. However, I have found many of these “techies” know little to nothing about what is a good laptop to buy (aside from the basics). That is not to say all of these people are dumb/stupid/idiotic; rather that means many sales reps aren’t always fully trained in their area of “expertise”. So the next time you are in the market for a laptop – used, refurbished, or new – you may want to hold your horses before driving out to your local computer store. Instead, your first stop should be NotebookReview.I found NotebookReview to be a wonderful resource when I was looking for a laptop and I highly recommend anyone in the market to use the services it provides. You can hit up NotebookReview from the following links: