@cafe41 – I remember doing oral book reports in school.

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In this assignment, students show their understanding of a main character in a novel through creating a shield. The shield created by the student is the visual aid for an oral book report, where the student can discuss the novel and explain the shield for a novel assessment.
Thanks so much! This was really helpful! I got an 95 on my oral book report!Thanks!! Caity
Probably, you have experience in writing book reports. You know how to analyze a work of literature and how to present it on paper. However, an oral book report is a bit different, and its main peculiarity is a public presentation that you have to give.

Public performance is a weak point of many students. This is why we want to share several secrets that will help you get ready and present a perfect oral book report.

Oral book reports: secret #1

Keep in mind one main thing about oral book reports – you are not supposed just to read an essay aloud. You will have to talk and find contact with your audience.

Oral book reports: secret #2

Read the book that you are going to present attentively. Maybe, you will have to read some passages several times. It is the only way not to look foolish and sound hesitant during the oral book report.

Oral book reports: secret #3

Oral book reports just like written reports should be arranged according to a certain structure. If you are not too ambitious and a C on your oral book report is enough for you, stick to the following structure: Thanks so much! This was really helpful! I got an 95 on my oral book report!Thanks!! CaityIt depends on the grade, but my son was asked to do an oral book report on his favorite book.Emily Gilbert gives an oral book report about Nancy Drew in "The Mystery of the Fire Dragon"
This is an outline of a script that students can fill in and follow when giving an oral book report. It is very basic and I would use it for the p...An oral book report is one that you will give in front of the class. The following are things you MUST do in order to get a “C” on the book report:

So, you have already finished writing your book report and now have to give its oral presentation. For some students, making oral book reports is not an easy mission. Why? Well, the main reason is that not everybody can perform in front of people.

However, if you get ready for your oral book report in advance and know what exactly to talk about, this public performance will be an exciting and useful experience for you.

Below we offer several points you should pay attention to when preparing your oral book report.

Your audience

It is very important to keep in mind your audience when making the oral book report. Does everybody in class know the book you are going to discuss? Is there someone who does not like it? Try to make your oral book report interesting for everyone.

An outline for your oral book report

Before giving a public performance, make an outline of your presentation. The outline of your oral book report should include the following:You can start with something manageable, such as 30 seconds to a minute. After students have delivered a few oral book reports, you can expand the time limit to one or two minutes.The following is criteria to assess the oral book report on the main character with a rubric: follow directions, demonstrate understanding of the character, creativity, quality of speech(voice, eye contact, and speed). Students can select one character and complete a characterization for their oral book report. This can include dressing like the character and/or walking and talking like the character. Remind students outfits don't have to be new, but to creatively think of ways to use what they have around their house.