To Kill A Mockingbird Book Report

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To Kill a Mockingbird AP Book Report
Title of Work: To Kill A Mockingbird Author and date written: Harper Lee; late 1950s Country of author: Southern Alabama, USA Characters: Scout Finch(Major)-narrator and main character of the book; extremely smart for her age and is a tomboy Jem Finch(Major)-Scout’s brother, matures the most through the book; bold and daring Atticus Finch(Major)-father of Scout and Jem,lawyer; wise and committed Dill(Major)-Scout and Jem’s summer friend, lives next door; curious and imaginative Miss Maudie(Minor)- Finches’ neighbor, family friend; kind and compassionate Calpurnia(Minor)- Finches’ cook, almost like a mother to Scout and Jem; caring and kind Aunt Alexandra(Minor)- Atticus’s sister, stays with Scout and Jem; traditional and strict Bob Ewell(Minor)- accuses Tom Robinson of rape; poor and uneducated Mayella Ewell(Minor)- Supposed victim of rape; lonely, deprived Tom Robinson(Minor)-Supposed rapist, honest man; innocent, hard-working Major settings The novel To Kill A Mockingbird takes place in Maycomb County during the early 1900s. Scout and Jem live with their father, Atticus, and Calpurnia, their maid. During these times many people in the South are racists and discriminate against black people. Maycomb is a small and country-styled town. The town suffers from the Great Depression, but the Finches are considered wealthy because Atticus is a lawyer. Plot Outline
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