How To Write A Good Application Book Review

How To Write A Good Book Review
There are a number of steps to take to write a good book review, but the most valuable tip of all may be this one: remember that book reviews have more than one audience. They aren’t only for readers. Book reviews are valuable to the book author who wants others to learn about her book; the book reviewer who is building a portfolio of reviews; readers curious about a new book; the publisher; fellow reviewers who are networking and co-marketing; and fellow blog editors may re-publish your review on a digest blog.
How to write a good book review? – My Bookish Life
Book reviews, when well-written, offer a critical perspective applicable to the assigned text. These reviews will make an argument either for, or against, the topic at hand. They will provide readers with reasons to agree with, or dispute, the author’s position. Most importantly though, a book review is not simply a summary, but a commentary on the text itself. Therefore, we are offering you this piece as a means in which to learn how to write a good book review. How to write a good book review? – My Bookish LifeHow to Write a Good Book Review – Andy PeloquinBook Reviews - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill